I hate this empty feeling I get. it’s like I was about to hang myself and she was the chair. my thoughts were the rope and now she’s gone. I’m left hanging and I can’t escape the darkness that’s trying to devour me. everyday is a battle with myself. a war that I’m tired of fighting. for years I’ve put on the smile and laughed through the pain but as of now I’m physically drained and I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around the fact that you’re gone. your clothes still smell like you and perhaps that’s part of the problem. you see, every night I look at the things you’ve given me for the past couple months and cuddle up with the blanket, trying to fill the empty void left inside me. but you can only fake being wanted for so long. today it hit me and I’ve never felt more alone. I’m tired of hanging around. I’m just so tired. 


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